Project Description

When clients approach me for branding exercises like designing a product label or packaging, I am always very cautious in my first meeting. The first question that I usually ask is: What is your brand about? And with almost absolute certainty, I am met with the “I want something catchy / wow” answer.

A study conducted by Rajeev Batra, Aaron Ahuvia, Richard P. Bagozzi (2012) Brand Love, in the Journal of Marketing demonstrated that consumers “fall in love” with brands when positive qualities of a product were mentioned. But how can a consumer asses product quality of a newly introduced product? How can packaging design create an strong enough incentive for the consumer to try the product?

Product Branding and Identity for olive product lines targeted to the foodservice sector can use a variety of USP’s to demonstrate that advantage. Olive recipe, oxidization, and general colour & appearance can bring to the forefront some of these qualities. This is what we succeeded in doing with OLIVA MONDO. The olive rings showed the dark rich oxidization that occurs when the olives are brined and cooked correctly. The colour pallet included colours normally associated with pizza restaurants.