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March 2017

Intellectual Property in Agriculture

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Intellectual property protection laws vary between nations. Developed nations are known for rigorous intellectual property regimes, while developing nations suffer from weaker property right laws and institutions. This becomes a point of contention when evaluating the impact of IPR’s on trade as a means for technology diffusion between countries. In agriculture, the development of newer [...]

Why Invest in Precision Agriculture?

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Where does precision agriculture investment fit in todays farming context? In 2014 the Canadian agriculture system generated $108B dollars. This represents roughly 6.5% of Canada’s GDP. In a more recent study “An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2016” found that producers saw their direct production costs increase by over 47% between 2004 [...]

Precision Ag, How much does it cost?

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The question does sound off, because if you are selling precision agriculture tools and services the answer will most likely be; the ROI over time with increased productivity in capital and labour will be positive. Personally, I believe that the gains from precision ag or ag-tech tools and services are positive, but that depends [...]