Sa’yd Ibn Āmer Al Jumaḥyu – Introduction

“Sa’yd Ibn Āmer, a man purchased the Hereafter with this world and appropriated Allāh and his Messenger over everything and everyone”.

This characterization of Sa’yd Ibn Amer displays what kind of man we are about to meet. A man who exchanged his existence for his soul’s salvation in the company of Allāh and his messenger in the Hereafter. Sa’yd Ibn Amer made a trade, free to form a value unrestricted by his physical being, he is not afraid of taking this world on as we will soon learn.

To dedicate one’s life to someone or some idea or principle is attempted by many but rarely seen to the end by most. Life missions and the people who undertake them do not equate risk and reward the same way most people do. The playing field is no longer governed by the restrictions of equitable trades. Meaning – one does not place value on his/her actions commensurate with returns from this world – rather they see their actions as an investment through which they achieve their goal.

Now this maybe too dense to digest at first, but bridging your actions with a life purpose greater than your being is not easy. It requires a person to fully know that his investment will only pay off in another life. He fully recognizes and materializes the goal in his heart and mind so as to carry out whatever duties are necessary to achieve his outcome in spite of the limitations of this world.

Many of the world’s greatest inventors, thinkers, scientists, authors, people from all walks of life dedicate their lives to ideas that are far bigger than they are. Their work and perseverance towards the realisation of this idea sometimes takes longer than their life on this Earth. Their work is sometimes only recognized after their passing. What kind of mental stamina and emotional and spiritual intelligence is required to achieve such feats?

Thinking about this characterization brings us closer to understanding the Saḥaba and how they became luminaries in their own right. Yes, they have benefited from living the Golden Age, however they still faced the same set of choices we face on a daily basis. They tended to families and friends, earning a living and growing enterprises, they wrestled with desire and temptation, both internally and eternally. These humanistic set of variables are affected by the binary decision tree of choice to do or not. They chose to make a trade and they are still waiting until today to realize the gain.

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