Sa’yd Ibn Āmer Al Jumaḥyu – After Islam

After accepting Islam, Sa’yd Ibn Āmer Al Jumaḥyu migrated to Al Madinah and remained a close companion to the Prophet (p.b.u.h). Joined him in the battle of Khaybar and other battles that followed it.

After the passing of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), Sa’yd Ibn Āmer remained a drawn sword in the hands of the Khalifas Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn Al Khattab. He lived as a true example of the believer that traded this world for the hereafter, and appropiated the love of Allah and his pleasure over the yearnings of his soul and desires of his body.

Both Khalifas of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) knew of Sa’yd Ibn Āmer’s honesty, piety, and headed to his advice and listened to what he has to say.

In the beginnings of Omar’s khilafa,  Sa’yd Ibn Āmer entered his court and said: Oh Omar, I recommend that your fear Allah when dealing with the people, and don’t fear the people when applying Allah’s commands. Do not allow your speech to contradict your action, for the best of speech is what has been followed through with action.

Oh Omar, direct your attention to whom Allah has entrusted you with their affairs, the muslims who live among you and the ones far away, and love for them what you love for yourself and your household, and hate for them what you would hate for yourself of your household. Stir the (Ghamarat) to the truth and never fear anyone except Allah.

To this Omar replied: “And who can withstand all this oh Sa’yd?!” Sa’yd retorted: It can be done by a man like you, one whom Allah has entrusted with the affairs of the people (ummah) of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and there is no one between him and Allah.

Omar then sought Sa’yd Ibn Āmer’s aid and said: “Oh Sa’yd I have assigned you as Governor of the people of Hums.” To which Sa’yd responded: “Oh Omar, I seek Allah please dont test me (i.e. dont try me with this responsibility)” Infuriated, Omar responded: “Woe on to you, you affixed this issue (Khilafa) around my neck then you abandon me?! By Allah I will not dismiss you from it.”

After assigning Sa’yd as a governor, Omar asked: “Should we not assign you an allowance?” Sa’yd replied: ” And what would I do with it (Amir AL Mo’omineen) [Leader of the Muslims]. The subsistence I already receive from the treasury is more than I can use, and soon after Sa’yd departed to Homs to commence his post as governor.


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