Packaging Design and Taste Perception

Food marketing has increasingly become a complex field of study that involves sophisticated sensory and psychological models. Gastrophysics* is a research area that explores the impact of various sensory faculty like holding, seeing and even smelling can have on our perceived taste, quality and value of the products we purchase. As we demand richer, more luxurious [...]

Can Agricultural Patents Improve Bilateral Trade?

Improving agricultural exports is a driver for economic growth for Developed and Developing nations alike. Resources invested in the research and development of agricultural products is normally protected by intellectual property rights.  Over the years researchers have looked at whether these legal protections actually promote exports. The Gravity Model is a tool most commonly when looking at [...]

Market Effects of IPR Regimes

In my previous posts the concept of Intellectual Property Regimes in agriculture was introduced.  In this post the general research findings about these regimes and how they affect market conditions will be presented. The empirical studies focusing on this topic use different variables to account for the effect IPR membership influences trade and market conditions. National [...]

Intellectual Property in Agriculture

Intellectual property protection laws vary between nations. Developed nations are known for rigorous intellectual property regimes, while developing nations suffer from weaker property right laws and institutions. This becomes a point of contention when evaluating the impact of IPR’s on trade as a means for technology diffusion between countries. In agriculture, the development of newer [...]

Why Invest in Precision Agriculture?

Where does precision agriculture investment fit in todays farming context? In 2014 the Canadian agriculture system generated $108B dollars. This represents roughly 6.5% of Canada’s GDP. In a more recent study “An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2016” found that producers saw their direct production costs increase by over 47% between 2004 [...]

Precision Ag, How much does it cost?

The question does sound off, because if you are selling precision agriculture tools and services the answer will most likely be; the ROI over time with increased productivity in capital and labour will be positive. Personally, I believe that the gains from precision ag or ag-tech tools and services are positive, but that depends [...]